Our Story


"Convenient, wholesome joy in a jar is what you can expect from us -always."    

We are small town girls from the Midwest-well, more like ladies-not old ladies (there’s no such thing in our book). We grew up with home cooked, farm fresh meals. Our family’s roots are varied and wide, which inspired a love of good, wholesome, and interesting food. We became very food adventurous at a young age. Christine’s Italian family and Ginger's Southern family roots inspired a love of good food and especially snacks. We grew up tending gardens alongside our moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas.

We watched our families harvest and preserve their bounties. They canned, froze, and dried much of what they grew. Getting shooed out of a kitchen because of a pressure cooker ticking was normal. We shelled peas and snapped beans; we ate Christine’s mom’s divine stuffed artichokes and reluctantly tried Ginger's dad’s pickled pig’s feet (that he proudly displayed on my mom’s kitchen counter-yuck).

We learned to appreciate all types of foods. So when we had an opportunity to buy a little pickle company, we jumped right in. We are more than proud to offer up the kind of pickles that we grew up eating-made with love and joy from fresh cucumbers, all natural ingredients, no weird food dyes, and hand-packed to ensure the highest quality.

Some of our family recipes are over 100 years old and our spicy recipes offer you a chance to be food adventurous too. We know how busy you are and we know it’s important to feed your family wholesome food. Convenient, wholesome joy in a jar is what you can expect from us-always.