Ruby Thumb

Ruby Thumb  |  Homegrown & Happy

Ruby is a part of the Homegrown & Happy family. She may seem like a cartoon character at first, but she will soon become as real to you as she is to us. She is a dedicated team member, community leader and good friend to kids from everywhere and all backgrounds. Ruby works non-stop to promote the things that matter to her and us – kindness, honesty, compassion and hard work. She is committed to nurturing lasting joy in kids and seriously thinks she can help make more of it happen by teaching them through gardening and food making. She sees the a perfect opportunity to think about why doing things the right way (like making Homegrown & Happy and Great Grans Homestyle foods the right way – remember no artificial ingredients allowed!) and treating people around you well always matters! And oh yeah, she will also show you how we are truly better together.  

Ruby Thumb faces all the same challenges many of your kids do today, but she gets through it with a little help from plants, flowers and learning the magical art of food making.

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