Homegrown & Happy

Homegrown & Happy is our flagship brand, our promise, our purpose, our bliss. We make our convenient food and snacks with all natural ingredients + lots of love to show you what this means. It’s about real, quality ingredients showing up in every bite – delicious, convenient snacking that brings you joy.  

Our Homegrown & Happy products contain no artificial flavors or colors and are made in the USA by hard-working Americans who believe in the Homegrown & Happy principles of joy, honesty, community and how we do things always matters. There are no corners cut, no false promises made. Making our Homegrown & Happy foods is what brings us forward every day, creating that next joyful snacking opportunity to share with you . . . and the world.

Like our other brands, the Homegrown & Happy snacks are based upon recipes from the homes of our families and friends – they make us happy and it is our promise they will do the same for you and those you care about!  

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joyful snacking at it's best!