Homegrown Fundraising

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Our HomeGrown Fundraising operation is about sharing in resources and success . . . and so much more. It is about community, education and supporting Local Makers. And like everything else Homegrown & Happy stands for, it is about joy.  

There is joy in learning, achievement, knowledge sharing and getting to know your neighbors. And there is also real joy in making money, in the right ways that matter and most importantly to share! This is the honest truth and we want you to understand why we are excited to offer our Homegrown & Happy, Great Grans Homestyle and Herbal Hom products alongside regional Makers to give you a Homegrown Fundraising catalog that takes your fundraising to the next level.  

HomeGrown Fundraising is a classic school or club fundraising model with an optional educational twist – Local Farmers and Makers are involved, offering an opportunity for educational interaction in the classroom or full lifecycle business lessons to be part of the program.